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Burglary protection

Providing a home with the correct locks has up to 95% less chance of a successful burglary

Burglary protection Rotterdam

Good burglary protection is also of great importance in Rotterdam. The figures still show an upward trend in the number of burglaries. Home burglaries happen everywhere. During the day and at night. The location of your home does not matter much. Occasional burglars also make burglary attempts in busy neighborhoods and districts. A lock can be forced in just a few minutes. Especially if the quality of hinges and locks leaves something to be desired. Maintaining the burglary security of your home is therefore important. For example, with the correct hinges and locks which are provided with SKG certification. Locksmith Rotterdam supplies and installs all types of security fittings. As a PKVW-approved company, we work according to the Police Quality Mark standard.
Burglary protection Rotterdam

Improve burglary protection with hinges and locks

If you want to improve the burglary safety of your home, good hinges and locks are the first most important step you must take. All entrances to the house must be fitted with high-quality locks with the SKG quality mark. This applies to rear and front doors, but certainly also to garage doors and windows. Locksmith Rotterdam supplies quality hinges and locks with a quality mark directly from stock. The locks have been extensively tested and equipped with standard, heavy or extra heavy burglary protection. Such as, for example, hinges and locks with a core pull protection or multi-point lock. As a PKVW-approved company, we have experienced lock experts at our disposal. They are happy to provide you with tailor-made advice if you want to improve burglary protection with hinges and locks.

Good burglary protection starts with good hinges and locks

Burglary protection starts with having good hinges and locks installed. This forms the basis for effectively keeping uninvited guests and occasional burglars at bay. This applies to doors, but also to windows that are accessible via a fence, fence or balcony. When it comes to securing your property, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. That is why you choose hinges and locks with the SKG quality mark in various grades. Locksmith Rotterdam supplies certified hinges and locks from stock. Of course we can also place or replace the desired locks in the right way. Our lock experts are happy to provide you with tailor-made advice.
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